16" Turquoise & Brown Elephant

This "centipede" dress stitch pattern is normally 4 rows, but the customer went with an additional 3 rows, the stitching was done in brown to match the foot and a U scallop. It has a full round toe, full welt and a combination heel (2")

Base price #1,165.00

3 extra rows stitching $60.00

U scallop $25.00

Smooth Neoprene Sole $25.00

16" Bone & Gray Ostrich

This dress stitch pattern was also done to match the foot, regular V collar.  This boot features the half welt, full round toe and combination heel (2")

Base price $1,165.00

16" Red over Black Shark with cats eye & diamond collar& 8" mule ears

This boot also has the dress stitch pattern  added two rows - 2 black, 2 white & 2 black - the collar was done in black shark and the mule ears were under layed with black shark as well.  It has a full round toe, full welt & a riding heel (2 1/4")

Base price $865.00

Collar $85.00

2 rows stitching $40.00

Mule ears underlayed $125.00

The possibilities are endless.  You can dress up a pair of boots without going exotic.  We have several different designs for collars.  We can inlay brands, initials and logos.  We can help you create your dream boot. However, Boots ordered with custom options are non refundable.  Another reason why doing a proper tracing and foot measurement is essential.  We will work with you if the fit is not right.