Happy FeetHappy Feet

I cannot begin to express how important it is to have a proper fitting pair of boots.  There is nothing worse than having aching feet at the end of the day.  Our goal is for you to have Happy Feet!  But you need to follow the directions carefully for measuring your feet.  We use general lasts that are built up for your individual needs.  And all our lasts are men's - so our lady customers will be anywhere from one to two sizes smaller than their women's sizes.  For example a 7 1/2  could be a 6 1/2 down to a 5 1/2.  When tracing the foot it is best to have someone else do it.  Do not use a marker - the line is too thick - use either a pen or pencil and hold it straight up and down while making one smooth swoop around the foot.  Tipping the point in will make the tracing narrower, while tipping it out will make it wider.  The boot should be snug to start -once it breaks in you want it to fit like a glove.  There are some additional measurements that need to be done.  You want to measure these snug - but not tight.  If you have any questions - please feel free to call 406-222-3842 or email: sales@wilsonboots.com

Foot Tracing & MeasurementFoot Tracing & Measurement