12" Roper

This roper was done with dark brown calf on the top and a dark brown bull hide for the foot.  It has a full round toe, half welt & a low block heel (1 1/2").  It features a very simple stitch pattern.  This one was done in cream.  Customers usually go with the leather pulls with this boot - but you can just do pull holes.

Base price $635.00

Calf top $75.00

Bull hide foot $75.00

Leather Pulls $15.00



The color is a little deceiving in this picture, but it was done with natural retan.  The raised front is usually done 2", but you can adjust that to whatever height you may require.  This customer went with the Stockman 14" stitch pattern and also had their brand inlaid.

It has the 1 1/4" square toe, a full welt and the riding heel (2 1/4")

Base Price $675.00

Inlay $100.00



This boot was done with our heavier black leather.  The customer added leather pulls, brand inlaid and a wing tip done with beaver tail.  He also opted to have no stitch work on the top.  This boot was done with a full round toe, full welt and a combination heel (2")

Base price $675.00

Leather pulls $15.00

Brand Inlaid $100.00

Beaver Tail Wing Tip $100.00